front mission 1 characters

Training Priority

each pilot has a max skill slot value. if the number of current skills is less than the max skill slot and the hero has more fight exp than the pilot's requirement to get a skill in a category, a new skill will be offered when gain a level. The order of choosing skill is Short>Long>Melee. Tanks do not have skill designed for them.

Skill upgrades randomly when activated, so colosseum is not just a place to fight for money. After getting a new skill, switch to a pair of PIZ3, F-1 TONFAR or SIEGE (you only care about skill activation, not damage) and fight your clone in vs fights. Lv1 skills suck (e.g. lv1 dual and guide cut your accuracy in half) but lv 4 takes too much time so not worth trying in colosseum. you can exit clone fights at skill level 3.


Machine gun is just scary in the game, even Maury can do decent damage when maxed out short exp, which is basically free after you get the secret weapon in mission 15. the first 5 are the only characters that can learn all short skills and are good in short. Prioritize short for them and equip with machine guns on both hands.


dual gives you much more exp now you can keep destroying enemy arms and legs when they are next to a supply truck for repair. switch gives 200%, sometimes more dmg while speed gives only 1-3 more bullet - 20%- 60% more dmg on a 5X machine gun.

Skill level and effects:

  • Dual: lv1: accuracy -50% lv2: accuracy -25% lv3 no accuracy penalty lv max: accuracy 100%
  • Switch: lv1: activates 30% of the time lv2: 50% lv3 80% lv max: 90%
  • Speed: activates 50% of the time lv2: 60% lv3 70% lv max: 80%. Extra bullets: lv1:1,lv2:2,lv3/max:3

short lineup in the order of damage:

  • Ryuji Sakata: short specialist, good for not much else
  • J.J.:second best short. also good at long.
  • Bobby Hopkins:rare double ace in short and long
  • Natalie F.Blakewood:ace short and OK long
  • Keith Carabell:melee placeholder til Yang Meihua joins. short and OK long afterwards.
  • Alder Weiss:better train as short because of the melee surplus in the game.
  • Peewie Richburg jr.: no other weapons. supply truck is too important to send to the front line. if money is not an issue (colosseum fight income) then train after battle is decided with the help of flash grenades
  • Yang Meihua: :melee placeholder til Gregorio joins. short afterwards. best at melee, but better convert to short as in this game short rules. she comes with double, so only 2 skill slots left. her long damage is the lowest in the game, may not be a good idea to aim for the guide skill.
  • Lloyd Clive: although an avarge short, learning skills early means more damage in early game. get surpassed in damage output when everyone else learnt their skills though.
  • Gentz Weizer:Another Lloyd if not for the serious shortage of skill slots.
  • Porunga:a tank that wants to be attacker... and good at neither.
  • Frederick Lancaster: gain skills very slowly (esp. for melee). good bait for enemy missilers though. short is the worse talent for him, and he has the worst short damage in the game, but he can learn 2 short skills which is better than some ace shorts (I am looking at you bobby). besides his melee and long are just slightly better. with short so overpowered in the game, even the worst short in the game gets a nod over melee or long.
  • Maury Odonnell : a weak version of Frederick


Missles makes up the short range deficit. The only skill can be learnt in this category is guide.

Guide: lv1: accuracy -50% lv2: accuracy -25% lv3 no accuracy penalty lvmax: accuracy 100%

long lineup in the order of damage

  • Paul C. Grieber:best long in the game. also double as short because free talent slots. Frederick level short though.
  • Hans Goldwin: second best long in the game. also double as short because free talent slots. Frederick level short though.
  • Bobby Hopkins: good missileer and short, too bad not much short skills
  • Yang Yeehin: good missileer and short, too bad not much short skills
  • Natalie F.Blakewood,Keith Carabell and J.J. above average long.
  • Lloyd Clive and Gentz Weizer average long.


Melee has high accuracy and damage, but no aiming skill like dual or guide so they waste a lot of exp by destroying the body first.

Double > First > Stun

you can stun with flash grenade which has a 1-4 range, there aren't enough enemies worth stunning anyway, better guard their attacks for agility exp. Not to mention Stun is often wasted by Double activation.

  • Stun lv1: activates 40% of the time lv2: 60% lv3 80% lv max: 90%
  • Double lv1: activates 40% of the time lv2: 60% lv3 80% lv max: 90%
  • First lv1: activates 40% of the time lv2: 60% lv3 80% lv ax: 90%

melee lineup in the order of damage:

  • Gregorio Maias: best melee in the game, not good for much else
  • Ralph Dian: second best melee in the game,
  • Yang Meihua: convert to short after Gregorio joins. if the above 2 can do short, then they will also be converted. too bad they don't have much potentional in short skills like Yang.
  • Keith Carabell: melee placeholder til Yang Meihua joins.


Tanks are not that necessary because melee usually don't carry short or long weapon so they can get high def parts without worrying much about engine overload. agility exp is the hardest to get in this game, though, and hero level formula uses exp from all categories, so everyone needs agility xp. don't bother counterattacking in the game, just guard in the enemy turn.

tank lineup in the order of guarding defence:

  • Frederick Lancaster insane agility growth rate
  • Maury Odonnell: useful tank in the stage that Frederick joins the enermy.
  • Porunga: in the last stage everyone can join the fight so you may want to train him a little.


M=Melee, S=Short, L=Long, A=Agility G=Generic, T=Tank,SS=Skill Slots

number in the skill column denotes the exp requirement to obtain a new skill. Once the exp requirement is met, the character can choose one of the skills available to the charactor in the exp category on the next level up bonus screen, unless the skill slots are full.

15=D+, 20=C, 25=C+, 30=B, 35=B+, 40=A,45=A+, 50=S, 55=S+

Name Eng. Name Type M S L A Melee Short Long SS Notes
ロイド・クライブ Lloyd Clive G B B B B 700/1900/3500 2000/5000/7000 1500 5  
坂田竜二 Ryuji Sakata S D+ S+ C+ C 1000/2300 2500/5500/8500 2000 5  
ナタリー・F・ブレイクウッド Natalie F.Blakewood S/ L C+ A B+ C 1000/2200 3100/5000/7000 1900 5 Can't lean First. join mission 2. leave mission 22, rejoin mission 25
キース・カラベル Keith Carabell S/ L B A B+ D+ 1200 2000/5000/7000 2500 5 Can't lean First or Stun. join mission 2. leave mission 22, rejoin mission 25.
ジョイナス・ジェリアスカ J.J. S D A+ B+ D 2000/3600 2000/5000/7000 2500 5 join mission 2. leave mission 22, rejoin mission 25
フレデリック・ランカスター Frederick Lancaster T C+ C C+ S+ 3000/9000 5000/7000 6000 4 Can't learn Stun or Dual. join mission 3. leave mission 20. opponent mission 22. rejoin after mission 22.
楊美花, ヤン・メイファ Yang Meihua M/S A+ B+ D+ C+ 1800/2800 3000/5000/7000 2200 3 Starts with Double. Joins mission 4, talk in military office, then talk & fight in colosseum, leave mission 14. rejoin after mission 14.
ポール・C・グリバー Paul C. Grieber L C C S+ C+ 3000 3000/5000 1500 5 Can't learn First, Double or Speed. talk in bar after mission 5
アルダー・ワイス Alder Weiss M/S A A C+ D+ 1500 4000/7000 1700 3 Starts with Stun. Can't learn Speed. after mission 5, talk in bar, then move to city menasa, talk in bar, then fight in colosseum.
ピウィー・リッチバーグ Jr. Peewie Richburg jr. S/T D+ B+ D+ B+   5120   1 Can only learn Speed in original ROM. no skill in subsequent versions. joins mission 6.
ハンス・ゴルドウィン Hans Goldwin L C+ C A+ B   2900/5900/79000 900 3 joins after mission 8.
グレゴリオ・マイアス Gregorio Maias M S+ C+ D+ C+ 1800/3000     3 Starts with Stun. Can't learn short or long skills. Skills start at lv2. after mission 8, fight in colosseum, join after victory
モーリー・オドネル Maury Odonnell T C+ C C A 1200/5500 4000/6000   4 Can't learn Speed. joins after mission 9, leave mission 10, rejoin after mission 10
ボビー・ホプキンス Bobby Hopkins S/L C A A C 1300 2000 1500 3 Can't learn First, Dual or Speed. after mission 11, stop fight after going to military office,
ポルンガ Porunga T B B C+ B+ 900/2200 3000   5 Can't learn Dual or Switch. joins with bobby.
楊一清, ヤン・イーヒン Yang Yeehin S/L C+ A B+ C 2000/3500 4000 2600 4 Can't learn First, Dual or Switch. joins mission 14.
ラルフ・ダイアン Ralph Dian M A+ B+ C+ D+     2000 3 Starts with Stun and Double. after mission 16, fight in colosseum
ゲンツ・ヴィーザー Gentz Weizer G B B B B   3000 2500 2 Starts with Stun. joins mission 23.

Useful Part and weapon Codes

  • 7ECF1463 Zenith V Body
  • 7ECFB163 Valiant Body
  • 7ED00863 Sakata Helicopter Leg
  • 7ECFFF63 Gavel Leg
  • 7ED01463 королд II 8x10 machine gun right arm
  • 7ED01563 Zenith V-SP Left Arm
  • 7ED01663 Zenith V-SP Right Arm
  • 7ED0C663 Harpoon Bolt
  • 7ED0CE63 WS-14B shield +27
  • 7ED0DE63 Dragon Hand fast melee exp
  • 7ED0E663 Albatross 3x34 Missles
  • 7ED04263 Ziege fast short exp
  • 7ED12A63 Karen Device BD-6KR 98/97/99/99
  • 7ED0F763 Bag Worm 4/2/90/10
  • 7ED19263 MKP OPJ7EH 8x25 machine gun (left hand only)
  • 7ED04663 Artassaut 3x13 machine gun
  • 7ED0BE63 PIZ-3 1x10 missle
  • 7ED02A63 Siege 5x2 machine gun
  • 7ED02663 F-1 Tonfar 1x13 melee
  • 7ED08063 FV-24B 5x20 machine gun
  • 7ED4130F Peewie Melee
  • 7ED41427 Peewie Melee
  • 7ED4150F Peewie Short
  • 7ED41627 Peewie Short
  • 7ED4170F Peewie Long
  • 7ED41827 Peewie Long
  • 7ED4190F Peewie Agility
  • 7ED41A27 Peewie Agility
  • 7ED41B17 Peewie Skill 1
  • 7ED41C09 Peewie Skill 2
  • 7ED40E05 Peewie skill slot